Best in Show

This weekend Mike took me to the doggie adoption fair in Hancock park to torture me make me happy. We got to pet all kinds of doggies, but the Best in Show are showcased here.

Pao Pao the Pekingese has no eyes and has been blind since his birth in Taiwan. He came to America for a fighting chance at life. He loves to be pet. When he hears “Pao Pao!” he whips his head about trying to locate the source of the sound. A live Jim Henson puppet!

Nick is a wrinkly English bulldog that doesn’t have the energy to walk, but he sure can scoot! I feel ya, Nick.

Sunny and Rosie had been “abused” severely overfed by their mother. Will work for treats. At twice the size of a normal pug, they tie for my Best in Show.

Hmmm…Starting to think my top three selections may have been influenced by a certain pair of bookshelf guardians…

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